April 20 Carpet Time – Mr. Shannon’s Music Class

15 thoughts on “April 20 Carpet Time – Mr. Shannon’s Music Class

  1. Charlie (Ms. DeSantis’ JK, age 4) loved doing music time with you, Mr. Shannon. We sang along and used our shakers. His recommendation for Going To The Zoo is – “dolphins swimming in the water.” Thanks!

  2. Hello Mr. Shannon,

    Mohamed Adam’s favourite animal in the zoo is a giraffe and he would like to see it eating leaves from the tree.

  3. Hi Mr. Shannon, Olive would like to suggest peacocks displaying their feathers.

  4. Thank you for another fun music lesson. We look forward to this every week. Kaylee would like to suggest “Butterflies flying around” for going to the zoo. Kaylee used her stool as her drum. We also used a water bottle with water for our river. we used our rice shaker for grass and crumbled a piece if paper for our crunching/walking through the woods sound.

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